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The Love Out Loud Narrative Our Mission: To Actualise a Civilisation of Love by 2030

The World as we know it died in 2019.

The New World is not yet here.

So where does that leave us?

Suspended in complete liminality, we’re finding ourselves at the most important conjecture of our history.

Never before have our choices been so palpable: love and fear, deceit and truth, cowardice and courage.

Over the next decade, a new world will rapidly emerge. What we must ask ourselves is: what is its constitution?

Let’s note: History doesn’t repeat. It echoes. Until we find a place of true awareness.
Are the authorities that currently govern our world moving us closer to the civilisation of love humanity aspires to?

The integrity of our individual choices has never had the gravitas that is currently present as we collectively pave our future timeline.

At this time, we must remember: we are the one.

Whether we choose the fall of Rome or heaven on Earth, our choices are accumulating to a point of critical mass.

Turbulence is inevitable. Yet solidarity is immovable.

Together with the correct systems and technology, we can focus our individual and collective intent to ensure miraculous healing and transformation is available at every step of the rocky journey ahead as we steward the actualisation of our new world.


Nicole Gibson
Nicole Gibson is a modern-day philosopher redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur. Obsessed by love’s power to effect change, Nicole’s focus is to facilitate a tipping point in human consciousness; to successfully actualise a civilisation of love by 2030.

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