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The Invitation: Our Bridge To The New World

In the new world, power and purity are inseparable.

Historically, we have been sold.

Sold an idea of what’s possible in our life, reasonable aspirations, and even the future vision for humanity.

We say that true leadership is demonstration. The ability to be the change.

More than ever, we require access to community. A safe place to learn, explore, process, and heal on our journey through these uncertain times.

None of us have been adequately equipped for what’s to come.

Love Out Loud is the space where you can come to navigate the growing pains of our collective transition.

When decision making feels more complex than ever, we provide tools and networks of integrity to support clarity on your truth.

Our mission is to guide a critical mass, meaning 350 million people, to this destination in the least harmful, painful way.

How we engage you as our community during this time will change. It must. We as individuals and communities are living organisms. The systems of our new world must be responsive, agile and supportive to the true needs of those they serve.

Our promise to you is to always evolve the experiences, events, conversation formats, technologies, and tools in the highest alignment to what you need as our community, and what’s most relevant.

Regardless of global circumstances and societal chaos, we will provide platforms to ensure you remain in sovereignty and that we stand in solidarity.

This is a journey we consider shared and co-created with you.

Change is inevitable. What must remain unwavering is our faith in, and commitment to, a loving and compassionate evolutionary trajectory.


Nicole Gibson
Nicole Gibson is a modern-day philosopher redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur. Obsessed by love’s power to effect change, Nicole’s focus is to facilitate a tipping point in human consciousness; to successfully actualise a civilisation of love by 2030.

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