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True Technology

I’m 16, and I’m in a dark place. I’m pursuing my love of performance at an excellent academy, and yet I’m consumed by a battle of comparison. I find myself fixated on perfection in the most detrimental way.

‘Not skinny enough’

is taking the reins of my mind, body, and spirit.

Day by day, the voice of Anorexia plays to the vulnerability inside me; breaks me down and makes me its slave. People avoid discussing the obvious eating disorder and over time it seems to become a deafening silent conversation.

Until one day, my school principal calls me into his office. Instantaneously, I feel terrified, facing the emergence of deep shame within me. Bracing myself, I sit in the corner of his office and put my head in my hands as a shield. I don’t want to discuss it.

The irony is that for years all I’ve wanted was to be seen and for someone to meet me in my humanity. Yet, sitting here feeling my principal’s gaze over me, I want to run away.
My principal looks at me sternly:
Nicole, do you know what my favourite thing to do
is every day after school?

I shake my head.

He softens.

“Nicole, I’m not here to make you feel afraid. I’m here to let you know that you’re not alone going through what you’re going through.”

I break down crying, flooded by a mixture of relief, gratitude, and piercing pain.

My principal doesn’t try to cheer me up. He just lets me be in my experience.

When my tears finally subside, he says;

“My favourite thing to do when I get home is have a beer.”

I bear the strength to make eye contact.

He gets out a piece of paper and writes; “I will not have a beer until Nicole hits her weight target.” He signs it and tapes it on the wall next to his desk.

I’m bewildered, and ask,
Why would you do that?
Nicole, I’m never going to understand what it’s like to be a 16-year-old girl going through what you’re going through, but I know what it’s like to go through a hard time, feeling completely alone and lost. You’re not alone.

I didn’t fully realise it at the time, but this moment changed the trajectory of my life. It showed what true leadership is; love in action.

As I took the painful steps toward my recovery, this moment stayed with me and inspired me profoundly. It was the first example I had of the power of love to transform.

It also evoked a deep calling to share this same demonstration of unconditional love with the world.

At 20, I took an epic journey across Australia. I traveled to 300 communities, touching 50,000 lives, with the intention to create spaces where people could feel safe to speak truth to power and have their fears, regrets, wounds, and traumas met with love and grace.

Everywhere I went, true humanity emerged. Miraculous healings often occurred—it changed me. It gave me an indescribable reverence for the spiritual nature of our existence. When we create space for healing, we heal. When we love, we return to our purist state where all becomes possible.

We are freed of limitations.

After this two year journey, I wasn’t sure how to continue to make an impact on the scale I knew God was calling me toward.

I surrendered, and love continued to open doors only possible through a greater power.

I continued growing a non-profit, focusing on the development of communities and capacity building. I spearheaded a conversation that many were afraid to have; the epidemic of stress is caused by being disconnected from our hearts.

The foundation’s results were remarkable.

This led me to serving as the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner for Mental Health in history, supporting a $40 billion budget at only 21. Here I saw the real realities of our imbalance as a world.

I became convinced of one thing; there is so much more that unifies us than separates us. It brought me to two questions:

Why do we remain so divided as a world? And, What would happen if we could truly come together?

Soon it felt like I understood the golden ratio of love, the true fractal of what constitutes our spirit and how to express it to one another.


I consolidated this philosophy for all to access in my debut book Love Out Loud. In the following years, Love Out Loud grew into a movement of hundreds of thousands around the world. The movement transcends differences of culture, age, race, religion, sexuality.

I began to dream of ways to create an even bigger impact. It wasn’t long before technology became an obsession – a way to truly put this process into the hands of everyone in the world, at any moment.


I founded inTruth Technologies, a subsidiary of Love Out Loud, that is allowing this work to be accessed by all. InTruth is technology designed to unlock the human spirit and rebalance power globally.

After all, love is the real technology humanity needs for us to build a bridge to the future we deserve.



Fair and generous behaviour or treatment of others, understanding of, and commitment, fair play, ethical behaviour, integrity and general good will towards an opponent (and each other).


The quality of comprehensively doing something without errors or omissions, seeing something through with meticulous care, being complete and including many details.

Definiteness of Decision

The ability to make decisions quickly, confidently and effectively.

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