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Align Your Team & Company Vision Redefine Your Legacy

The leaders who will be remembered 100 to 1000 years from now are those who are prepared to serve a vision that they might not live to see actualized. But I believe the journey to serving an altruistic and humanitarian legacy is the most fulfilling thing a human being can do.

We equally deserve to have the complete fullness of our experience – to experience meaningful and loving relationships with our families as well as fruitful and integrous relationships with our business partners.

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This requires careful curation and a deep intentionality – both of which I’ve become masterful at supporting people to achieve through having directly facilitated half a million people across a vast intersection of life experiences and societal positioning.

What I’ve come to realize is that there is a formula that can unlock some of the greatest emotional, psychological, and spiritual experiences available to human beings – that isn’t spoken to or dissected nearly enough in the landscape of our western world.

I have various ways in which you can engage me in this work. Welcome to my website. I trust that you’ll find the best way for us to develop our relationship together.

P.s. I understand that no matter how many people around you say that they want to be a part of what you’re creating and support you and ask how you are, there can be a pervasive feeling of isolation. Because I understand this so deeply, I’ve ensured that every single one of my touch points has the sacredness of privacy, confidentiality, and psychological safety at the forefront of each experience.

The Legacy Alliance

A Legacy Rehab Program

What Leaders Are Saying

I feel so clear now on where I can contribute and be in service and I am so excited and honoured to use the LOL methodologies in the work that I am going into. So much clarity and it’s all done a full circle for me. The community and tribe and reaching out for support was the biggest gift for me- being in a container with heart centered souls who share the same vision and beliefs as me was incredibly powerful for me and has given me so much more drive and motivation to follow through with what the universe is nudging for me.

Holly Capstick

What’s Included
In The Legacy Alliance…

Monthly Group Coaching Calls to connect with your entire cohort in the Legacy Alliance and utilize the space as a well-facilitated mastermind to refine any ideas for your business and get any support you might need during periods of fast growth, stagnancy, or stress.
Family Facilitation Sessions to repair any pains or traumas in the family, clear blocks in real time for greater family cohesion, and have your children support the legacy you’re building for multi-generational impact.
Quarterly Planning Strategy Sessions to ensure alignment to the greater legacy you’re building for you and your entire team for each quarter.
Guest Expert Coaching throughout the year personalized to your needs in areas like wealth management, subconscious reprogramming, longevity, health & wellness, stress management, and company culture.
Love Out Loud Apprenticeship Program, a hands-on immersion into social impact in the non-profit and for-profit spaces.
VIP invitations to all Love Out Loud public workshops and events (exc. retreats). Love Out Loud often hosts expert dinners and wisdom talks in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sydney, and other locations.

Destination Experiences

These experiences take place in intentionally chosen locations around the world where there’s a mix of relaxation, visioning, and connection.

Clarity Retreat

offers a space to unwind, destress, and regulate so that your capacity to vision clearly 100 to 1000 years into the future is supercharged. Get clear on your 12 month timeline.

Transformational Holiday

choosing a world class location to go on the adventure of a lifetime with your fellow legacy alliance peers. Stretch your physical and psychological edges whilst seeing the world in a completely new way. Experiential immersions into the planet’s most remarkable and sensitive natural habitats.



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for Legacy Alliance + Destination Experiences (partially tax deductible)

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