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Leave a legacy that shapes the future of humanity

Leave a legacy
that shapes the future of

This Generation's

Messenger of love

Nicole Gibson is a modern-day philosopher redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur. Obsessed by love’s power to effect change, Nicole’s focus is to facilitate a tipping point in human consciousness; to successfully actualise a civilisation of love by 2030.

Combining the intersections of visionary technology, transformative arts and complex systems thinking, Nicole is building a bridge to an entirely new way of living and being for humanity.

While leading events and facilitating experiences for over 1 million people, Nicole identified a code that unlocked humanity’s greatest potential. Spanning from the establishment of a charitable organisation, to becoming the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner in history, to launching a social movement with a reach across 40 countries; Nicole’s main preoccupation is to leverage love’s power to transform and scale it to 350 million people globally.

Listed as Australia’s top 100 most Influential Women, finalist for Young Australian of the Year and Pride of Australia Medalist, Nicole’s just getting started.

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How's your relationship with your legacy?

It’s deep within us to want to live, and leave, a legacy. Yet, not everyone figures out how to during their time on the planet. Much of that isn’t our fault, as many examples in our world have disordered views of what legacy means. Check out where you sit on the Legacy Disorder Spectrum and how close you are to living your truest legacy.

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Learn How to Leverage Love as a Strategy in Life and Business


Love Out Loud is a social movement that is actualising a civilisation of love by 2030. The parent company of inTruth tech, Love Out Loud runs B2C retreats and trainings, as well as facilitates transformation inside corporations, government agencies and aligned communities.
inTruth is designing technology that allows its users to accurately detect their inner truth. With use-cases that span from the measurement of belief systems, identifying blocks between you and your goals and bringing total cohesion and health to our consumers.
Love Out Loud Foundation funds, facilitates and empowers mindfulness and mental health for young people. Through program funding, innovative investment strategy and partnerships, the foundation supports the next generation to live a life of inspired action and lead the world with mindfulness, awareness, and love.
“Nicole Gibson wants to make a change; she is determined to make a real difference. Through her personal experience she understands exactly the change she needs to make. Nicole is able to carefully dissect situations and provide me with a myriad of answers that propels me into new areas of thinking, not just about mental health but about the human condition...”

Graz Van Egmond
Executive Director, The Banksia Foundation

"Chatting with Nicole Gibson left me completely inspired. A modern day philosopher, Nic has built companies and designed solutions that bring people together and help solve some of the biggest underlying issues we see in our ourselves and our communities."

Micheal Coolican
Chasing Good

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“ Your talk moved people to tears. There was a shift in my thinking after your presentation. Your inspirational words woke up the entire room to how our current response to mental illness is not working. What I took home was the current system needs tweaking. ”

Simone Gillam

Private Workshops & Coaching For Leaders

“ It was such a privilege to have Nicole visit our community. She has absolutely left such an imprint on those who were lucky enough to soak up her wisdom. I cannot speak highly enough of this young woman, she has truly inspired myself, our workplace and our community. ”

Stevie Kuhn, Support Facilitator Centacare

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The Love Out Loud Narrative Our Mission: To Actualise a Civilisation of Love by 2030

The World as we know it died in 2019. The New World is not yet here. So where does that leave us?

Actualizing a Civilization of Love

Love Out Louds vision is to actualize a civilization of love by 2030. Of course, as you think about the things that have to come together to construct a civilization of love it becomes clear

The Truth About Truth; the real reason I founded inTruth Technologies.

The argument of truth has been one that’s begun wars. Is truth subjective or is it objective? I personally have always found solace in the contemplation of irreconcilable paradoxes. The idea of oneness, an objective