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Actualizing a Civilization of Love

Love Out Louds vision is to actualize a civilization of love by 2030. Of course, as you think about the things that have to come together to construct a civilization of love it becomes clear that it’s not a one dimensional mission – it requires high levels of systems thinking, complex problem solving and a breadth of consideration in the areas of education, health, economics, housing and even citizenship.

See, we’ve grown up in a world that associates a Nation-State with a physical location; I am American, I am Italian – but what if we were to deconstruct a sense of belonging and citizenship into its deeper dimensions. Things like belonging, the pride of patriotism, a sense of home, a sense of being protected and cared for – and began to think about how else we may construct this in the future. What if home didn’t have to have borders?

As Love Out Loud’s philosophy spread throughout 40 countries, we noticed that there was something about our approach, our message – the core that makes Love Out Loud unique – that extended beyond invisible borders. It was a community of values-aligned people who found strength and solidarity in their shared outlooks and desire to live life differently – beyond the confines of societal limitation and segregation.

We noticed that it was so possible to build many systems on the foundation of love – of course, we began to question the fabrics in which many of our systems currently lay. It seemed as though fear and separation had infiltrated much of how our societies operated. Yet, when love was introduced as an option to people, when they began to learn how to love in action, their world’s began to open up – and we, as a team, began to dream without borders too.

We’re living in a time where technological advancement allows us to rethink the very fabric of society. Working with our community has shown us the common thread, the golden ration – the code – that exists between all of us that remains strong, untouchable and leaves humanity completely indestructible when we stand together. This is what we believe the future of our world must consider.

As we move into the development of technology, we have considered the possibilities that open up for us when we have tools and processes at our fingertips that allow us to align and re-align with our inner-truth and fundamental points of integrity- trusting when this happens, no longer will be need systems of oppression, fear and punishment. That the ultimate truth inside each of us is love, and the chaos which has played out in our world is simply an incongruence, a misinterpretation of what it truly means to be human.
We don’t need to merge with Artificial Intelligence – but instead truly actualise the technology within us. The power to perform miracles, and defy the laws of probability, is a power that resides within the human spirit. A utopian vision of our future – a golden age – is not a matter of wishful thinking, it’s a returning to what’s real inside of each of us.

As the Love Out Loud movement has grown, we’ve recognized that this is more than a philosophy of life – this is a system of thinking and an ever-present internal technology that we are now committed to creating access points to. It is from here, that a compassionate and peaceful future for all can exist.


Nicole Gibson
Nicole Gibson is a modern-day philosopher redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur. Obsessed by love’s power to effect change, Nicole’s focus is to facilitate a tipping point in human consciousness; to successfully actualise a civilisation of love by 2030.

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