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Diagnosis: Othering

Imagine that these diagnoses are like complexes, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that directly impact your ability to serve a true legacy. This is what we consider a legacy disorder – a distorted view of legacy.

Legacy Disorder is a fundamental driver of our control vs. True Legacy which comes from an ultimate driver of service and altruism.

Your Legacy Disorder is Othering

Othering is the tendency to feel in opposition to others. Often it can manifest as feeling as though we’re in constant competition with everyone around you. We reward others based on what they do, not who they are. Othering can also manifest as feelings of not being understood and feeling isolated in your vision and goals. Because of this, there’s a tendency to radically withdraw to a place that could be considered psychologically and emotionally unhealthy. You feel unable to trust those around you. In extreme cases it can manifest as an extreme need to control and paranoid thoughts about others. There’s a sense that everyone is out to get you and a struggle to let go and feel safe. Others may describe you as defensive and/or reactive – having difficulties self-regulating and often experiencing irritability, anger, and/or frustration with those around you. 

In order to create a true legacy, you need to believe in the good of humanity in order to serve altruistically. A willingness to be vulnerable and seen and understood is fundamental to be able to collaborate with others and have others serve your legacy with you.


Everyone is out to get me. I must defend in order to protect what I have.


Developing a fundamental belief in the goodness of humanity. Learning to trust yourself and thus others around you. A willingness to seek to understand. Safety and comfortability in being seen in vulnerability.

Belief System Alterations

I am safe.

Humanity is good.

Others have the capacity to understand me.

It’s ok to be vulnerable.

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