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Quiz Result

Diagnosis: No Disorder

Imagine that these diagnoses are like complexes, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that directly impact your ability to serve a true legacy. This is what we consider a legacy disorder – a distorted view of legacy.

Legacy Disorder is a fundamental driver of our control vs. True Legacy which comes from an ultimate driver of service and altruism.

True Legacy

Congratulations! You’re the embodiment of true legacy. You have the ability to serve compassionately and altruistically. You have a willingness to sacrifice instant gratification for long-term results. You have a natural ability to unify those around you and create alignment and focus through a vision.


I am here to serve the highest good of all.

Ongoing Practice:

To continue to expand your capacity for brilliance and service. To learn and think more and more expansively and dream without limitations.

Belief System Alterations

I am limitless.

I am here to serve the highest good of all.

My potential is infinite.

My imagination is infinite.

My leadership is immaculate. 

I am a powerful unifier of people.

I am a world class leader.

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Want to create a legacy that shapes the future of humanity?

My latest book, Legacy Disorder offers a pathway of rehabilitation from Legacy Disorder to the claiming and embodiment of true legacy.