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Diagnosis: Comparison

Imagine that these diagnoses are like complexes, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that directly impact your ability to serve a true legacy. This is what we consider a legacy disorder – a distorted view of legacy.

Legacy Disorder is a fundamental driver of our control vs. True Legacy which comes from an ultimate driver of service and altruism.

Your Legacy Disorder is Comparison

The Thief of Joy

This legacy disorder gives you a tendency to view others as more than or less than. There’s a feeling of always judging yourself in the context of those around you or judging others against each other. Comparison consumes one’s focus and makes it difficult to leverage energy to move forward as attention is always placed on the external instead of the internal potential and willingness to always do better than you did yesterday.

In the context of legacy, until you’re able to actualize your own potential as an independent energy source, your vision and ideas of legacy will also be compromised. The constant game of comparison can leave one exhausted and with a void inside of them that through this lens can never be satisfied or filled.


Are they better or worse? More intelligent or less successful? More successful or less successful? Do they have more valuable or less valuable networks than me?


In order to transcend comparison, we must reach a place of total security so that we’re creating from a place of wholeness and connection to our ultimate potential. Motivation is intrinsic and no longer based on external validation.

Belief System Alterations

I am enough.
I am self-secure.
I accept myself.
I already have everything I need.

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