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Diagnosis: Arrogance

Imagine that these diagnoses are like complexes, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that directly impact your ability to serve a true legacy. This is what we consider a legacy disorder – a distorted view of legacy.

Legacy Disorder is a fundamental driver of our control vs. True Legacy which comes from an ultimate driver of service and altruism.

Your Legacy Disorder is Arrogance

Arrogance may show up in your leadership style through expectation. Others may feel a constant sense of pressure to appease or please you or be repelled by your sense of self-entitlement. It may be difficult for you to see people for who they are. Instead you see them as a puzzle piece in the greater vision you’re orchestrating. It may be hard for you to notice or acknowledge others feelings or be conscious of the impact your actions have on those around you.


Your position is generally, “what can you do for me.”


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Creating a true legacy requires collaboration. Arrogance constricts long-term potential by rejecting others and seeing their needs as a short-term inconvenience. To counteract this, we need to relinquish control and become willing to acknowledge and work with those around us. We need to give up a sense of expectation and entitlement and replace it with an attitude of service and humility.

Belief System Alterations

What I do to others, I do to myself.
I consider and care for those around me.
I am respectful.
I lead with compassion.
I am powerful collaborator and unifier of those around me.

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